We’re a small independent firm creating the highest quality and uniquely flavoured chilli products. Huge fans of the chilli and it’s ability to enhance food, we make our own products to sell direct to you.

In the beginning…

The idea for my business came after a posh meal, when one of my friends ordered a cheese board for desert. I just happened to have a jar of Wiga Wagaa chilli paste with me. He scooped a spoonful of the paste and proceeded to eat it with his cheese, crackers and grapes. He loved it, and wanted to eat more and more!

It was very rewarding and encouraging to see how my creation helped to enhance his eating experience that night – Priceless!!

And now, in 2017…

One of the challenges is introducing new and exciting products. Our new products in 2016: GarOkra Pickle (Garlic & Okra Pickle), Coconut Cooking Sauce and 60% Naga Burn – this is probably the hottest of them all

For those chilli heads out there, Africa within FURIOUS 4 chilli sauce is for you! It packs a mighty punch but with taste and flavours you would not have had before.

New in 2017 is THE BEAST! This hot sauce has a lot of flavour and contains 35% Carolina Reaper Chilli so is not for the faint hearted.

African (Uziza) Curry Paste has a smoky nutty flavour which will go well with vegetables and any fish or meat dish.

The Burn series – 80% Bonnet Burn, 80% Habanero Burn and 60% Naga Burn are all packed full of flavour but will deliver intense chill heat, so be careful how you use them!

Instead of salsa dips why not try Wiga Wagaa chilli’s Mayonnaise with tortilla crisps, carrots, cucumber, celery –  Tasty!