Wiga Wagaa Chilli’s is a culmination of my past eating experiences – in restaurants in the UK, and during my travels abroad to places like Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt, Spain & Portugal.

I enjoy eating a variety of foods and probably like yourself, the tastier the food the better. There are different ways of adding taste to food – it is either produced with the food during cooking, or you can add the taste in after cooking.Great Meeting Mr Vikki's

The second element to enjoying food is the sensation you feel during and after eating the food. By sensation I mean does the food have “life”? By “life” I mean does your body react in a pleasant way during that eating experience?

So, while I am eating food I ask myself the following questions. Does the food have a “kick” to it, and is it an enjoyable “kick”? By “kick” I mean does the food awaken my taste buds as well as my aroma senses?

Will this be a one off experience or will I want to eat the food again and again, today and another day? It is for this enjoyable eating experience that we go back to the same restaurants time and time again.

I found that Scotch Bonnet Chillies hotness and aroma complimented what I was looking to achieve – so Scotch Bonnet Chillies are used in preparing Wiga Wagaa oil, sauce and paste. Having said that, I have develop other products with different chillies (Naga, Scorpion) to increase the “heat” level while maintaining the taste and aroma.

Using my Biochemistry background and my love for tasty food, I have combined ingredients from different countries in a ratio that has the desired result – taste and kick.

At the moment Wiga Wagaa chilli’s are made at home in my kitchen, using traditional method of preparation, like pestle and mortar to grind some of the ingredients.

But, it’s not for me to judge. Why not try any of the Wiga Wagaa chilli’s and let me know what you think?

Wiga Wagaa Chilli Cooking Paste and Chilli Sauce (6 chilli strength) won Gold Stars at the 2013 Great Taste Awards. Wiga Wagaa Chilli Oil was awarded a gold star at the 2014 Great Taste Awards. Plantain Pickle in 2015, Sweet & Salty Chilli Popcorn and GarOkra Pickle won the awards in 2016.