I tried the recipe with trout tonight and my daughter who doesnt like fish
asked me to make it for her. The great thing is its not just about heat but
there is real flavour there too.

I'm sure I'll be buying more soon.

Thanks and good luck - hope it becomes an even bigger success

Keith from Perth

“Fantastic stuff mate, but I’ll be less generous with it next time”

Richard from Norfolk

“Chilli sauce is totally amazballs love it”

Steven from Newcastle

“Best Chilli sauce I’ve had”

John from Newcastle

“It’s a winner. Dipped a piece of crusty bread in to try first though and it nearly blew my head off! Have also marinated some chicken”

Steph from Newcastle

“Just a quick note to say the Wiga Wagaa oil is superb”

Geraint from Wales

“Your special Oil mixed through houmous is delicious!”

Steph from Newcastle